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Fraudulent Cashier's Cheques?
Examples of Fraud Attempts
Receiving Spam after Posting an Ad?
A Final Note...

Fraudulent Cashier's Cheques?

Please be EXTREMELY WARY of offers by distant strangers to send you a high value (but counterfeit) cashier's check, and then have you wire the balance to them. These offers are sometimes e-mailed to Classified Ad users, often as offers for instruments and recording equipment. Banks will cash these counterfeit checks, but then hold you responsible for the funds when the check fails to clear! If you have been victimized, you can call the Canadian PhoneBusters hotline toll-free at 1-888-495-8501.

More information about this scam can be found here. And you can further educate yourself about popular scams and frauds being perpetrated in Canada on the RCMP's website here.

Examples of Fraud Attempts

These are real e-mails received by KiTH users. If you receive an e-mail like this, be wary.


my name is chester brain i am highly interested in buying your Piano i want to know the prices and pics for it . i have a business pathner that is owning me sum of amount of money and i told him that i want to buy a Piano . he said that is going to make the payment for it ,and within 10 working day u are going to receive yer money

pls give me the following info so that i can get my business pathner contacted so that he can send the money and also i will want u to know that my shipping agent is going to take care of the pick up

so pls give me the following info

full name......
zip code.........
phone number..........

pls mail me back if u still have for sale

best regard

chester brain.

Hello ,

It's my pleasure to come in contact with your Advert placed by you on your "( Piano ) " for sale for ($3500 ) .My Name is "williams wilson ".I am sales manager of my enterprise.we deal in sales and purchase of all kind of mechanical part,cars,bikes and general machandise for some of our clients.So i will like to let you know that we are ready in the purchase your( Piano )and i'm capable of the price.

NB:I will make adequate arrangement as regards shipping to my location in England,cos i've a reputable private shipping company based in England as well and they have various local offices in different countries.They have always been in charge of the pick up of all my goods (They have been so striaght forward and delligent in picking up of goods for me).Regarding the shipping i will like you to have the director of the shipping agency emailed at( to "Mr Steven Gester".

if only you are also intrested in selling the " Piano " for me,So i will be be very delightful if only you can accept my offer and payment will commence immediately,please mail me your contact info i.e (Name to be written on a certified check or money order,Address and Telephone number).


Best regards,



I am dynamic and trusted bussiness man who based in australia.I deal on equipments.I am interested in buying your Piano and i am aware of the market price quotation of the goods which is the price of $3,500 and it's o.k by me.Inrespect of the shipping i have a reputable international shipper who takes care of my shipping and clearing of good's on my behalf.I hope the good's are still at hand.Contact me back as soon as possible if the good's are still available.Thanks.


hello sir,

i am interested in buying thi instrument from you,i will want you to give me the last askingprice and i will also want you to know that i am not in the country and will bw willing to pay you with a certifier cashier check,if that is ok with you mail me back with your information needed for the issuing of the check to your location asap.

Thanks ,



My name is MATTHEW PETRUS .i am in United Arab Emirates,i am interested in buying your Piano .Which you placed for sale on the posted adds in the site. Do let me know as soon as possible if is still available for sale.Concerning the shipping i will like you to estimate the shipping cost down here,i will be paying for the shipping cost, i have a reliable clearance who will take care of the clearing here as i am in DUBAI. Also do let me know if you do accept payment drawn on an US bank cheque.It great to find the model as i am much willing to buy.I look forward to hearing from you very soon.Also let me know if check will be acceptable for the payment.My client in the state will be prepared the payment to you.with your full name address and phone number which the check will be mail to i look forward to your mail.




Thanks for your quick response. I am interested and would be willing to buy it at that price I am located in England and have an International shipping agent that will come pick the 92 Fender Tele up from your house and ship to me.

I will arrange for payment by sending your full name and address to my client in the States who is owing me the amount of $5400 to issue you a money order for this amount. which is a refund for a cancelled order I placed with him, and being a refund the amount can only be written on a single check. I know it is more than the 92 Fender Tele price but after getting the money order, I need you to cash it and deduct cost of the 92 Fender Tele, then do me a favour of wiring the remaining balance to my International shipper via money gram/western union. You will also deduct $200 for running around and for wiring back the difference. After this is done, he will then pick the 92 Fender Tele up from your residence and ship to me.

So, confirm this and send your full name and address including phone # for mailing the check payment to you as soon as possible.

Waiting for your urgent reply,

Kind regards,


Receiving Spam after Posting an Ad?

If you choose not to use the AutoResponder function when you post an ad, you are sharing your e-mail address with any Internet user who visits this website. Some of those users are specially-designed spiders that come here looking specifically for e-mail addresses like yours, so they can be added to mailing lists which are then sold to and used by spammers.

There's nothing that can be done to stop these spiders, so protect the privacy of your information and the sanctity of your spam-free e-mail account by using the AutoResponder function when you post an ad.

How the AutoResponder works is that people who want to respond to your ad have to fill in a form with their own contact information, instead of sending you a direct e-mail. Once the form is filled in and they click submit, the information they entered gets sent to you by e-mail. Of course, you don't have to use it, if you don't mind getting hundreds of e-mails a day about special enlargments...

There's a good article on the BBC's website which explains Where spam comes from and what you can do to minimize the chances of having your e-mail address appear on spammer's lists.

A Final Note...

Fraud & Spam are unfortunate aspects of our modern wired world and the only way to be protected is to be informed, cautious and aware. There are tens of thousands of beautiful, honest, talented musicians in our country who enjoy this forum and look for opportunities, gigs and gear here. Most of them are sincere. So find a comfortable place for yourself on the line between careful and paranoid, and remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

If I've forgotten anything here, or ought to add more information or another warning, please let me know.

Jeffrey Haas
January 14, 2004

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