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Each day, across the whole site, 1000 Unique Visitors look at an average of 3.2 pages and download a total of about 328 megabytes of data. In the month of July 2002, 31762 people looked at 102384 pages and downloaded a whopping 10179219 bytes of data off our server. The Classified Ads Section gets about 40% of that traffic.

You can get your message out in front of these people by purchasing a Feature Ad for a very low cost. These ads are textual, and are commonly referred to as micro advertising. They blend well into the site and visitors tend to perceive them as content rather than advertising. Successful examples of micro advertising include Google's AdWords and MetaFilter's TextAds.

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All you need to do to place an Ad is send us the above information and your payment, and we'll handle the placement on our site.

The cost for these ads varies, depending on who is buying them. We do this to support independents.

Ads get posted every Sunday and run until the following Sunday. If you want your ad to run for multiple weeks, the cost is the same for each week.

Payment must be received in advance. We accept Paypal, Cheques, Money Orders and Cash by registered mail only. You can find our mailing address here.

If you have questions about any of this, please contact us.

If you would like to place an order, please send us the title, content and URL for your ad, with information about how you plan on paying (note that you can pay right now with PayPal by changing the price to the appropriate amount and e-mailing us the necessary information. Note that we will have an automated form here in a few weeks, but that the process is currently quite manual.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Please read the Fraud & Spam Warnings.

January 14, 2004

Read the FAQ and provide your feedback. Also, note that you can now purchase feature ads.

August 30, 2000

Feature Ads

Bass & Drums Available!
Available for studio sessions in Toronto.

Kitsilano Rock School!
Rock band classes for kids and adults. Fully equipped studio, qualified instruction.

Festival Guitarist Needed!
We are looking for a professional guitarist for singer/songwriter Carmen Corcoz.

Signed band seeks Singer
Dolly Shot, a funk rock pop band based in Toronto and signed to indie label needs Singer ASAP.

Rehearsal Studio Available
Future Music in Port Coquitlam offers state of the art, top quality, designed by professionals rehearsal studios at very affordable prices.

i am a singer/songwriter wanting to start a professional psychedelic rock n roll band in Toronto!

Promote Yourself Here
For only $15, you can tell people about your gig, band, cd, guitars or other news right here. Get the word out by purchasing a Feature Ad

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